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  • Amazfit Balance AI Smartwatch Update Brings Wider Zepp Flow™ Support in India

    Step into the future of wearable technology with the latest firmware update, version, for the Amazfit Balance AI smartwatch. This update introduces the revolutionary Zepp Flow™ AI assistant, a natural language user interface powered by advanced AI models. Zepp Flow™ enables seamless voice interactions, transforming how users engage with their smartwatches by eliminating the need for traditional tapping and swiping gestures. What...
  • Amazfit Introduces Innovative Body Composition Analyzer Mat: A Companion to Amazfit Balance

    Limited time offer: Get Free Body Composition Analyzer Mat worth ₹4999 with every order of Amazfit Balance. Amazfit, a global leader in wearable technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat, an innovative accessory designed to complement the Amazfit Balance. This cutting-edge mat enhances the capabilities of the Amazfit Balance by providing users with a comprehensive full-body...
  • Amazfit Active Edge Smartwatch is launching in India on 27th Feb at 12999 INR

    Amazfit, a global pioneer in smart wearables owned by Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), is set to launch its latest innovation tailored for the dynamic and diverse Indian market – the Amazfit Active Edge. This rugged smartwatch is designed to resonate with the spirited and active lifestyles embraced by individuals across the country. Amazfit Active Edge Smart Watch with Stylish Rugged Sport & Fitness...
  • Amazfit and World Record Marathon Runner Kelvin Kiptum Unite to Break Limits in Unprecedented Partnership

    Summary: Amazfit, the leading smart wearables brand, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Kelvin Kiptum, the men's marathon world record holder. Kiptum, as Amazfit's ambassador, will leverage the Amazfit Cheetah Pro for training and the Amazfit Helio Ring for recovery optimization ahead of marathons in Rotterdam and Paris. Zepp Health, Amazfit's parent company, expresses excitement, emphasizing its commitment to empowering individuals in their health and fitness...
  • Amazfit Active Smart Watch vs. Amazfit Active Edge Smart Watch

    Decoding the Distinctions: A Comprehensive Analysis of Amazfit's Fitness Dynamo Duo - Amazfit Active Smart Watch vs. Amazfit Active Edge Smart Watch Amazfit has solidified its standing in the realm of smartwatches by delivering fitness-centric options that cater to diverse preferences. Two prominent contenders in their lineup are the Amazfit Active Smart Watch and Amazfit Active Edge Smart Watch. While both boast commendable...

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