A Quick Guide To The Amazfit Bip S
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A Quick Guide To The Amazfit Bip S


Smartwatches have been around for a few years now, primarily presenting themselves as helpful accessories in the realm of connectivity and fitness. Individuals focusing more and more on mental and physical well-being, particularly with nearly all of us indulging in some form of physical activity nearly every day - the market for such devices has grown on a consistent basis. Amazfit has cemented a position in the smartwatch domain by offering devices across different price ranges, aimed to offer insights into diverse fitness data and information.

The Amazfit Bip S is the latest instalment in the wide product range of Amazfit. The main elements to look out for in the smartwatch include -

Lightweight & Sleek in Design

The Amazfit Bip S is superiorly designed in terms of features, performance, and functionality, compared to its predecessors Bip and Bip Lite. The device weighs only 31 grams, which ensures comfort and a sleek look on the wrist. The 316L stainless steel button is finely designed by high-precision CNC machine tools, sandblasted, and treated with a PVD vacuum coating process to ensure that the surface of the button is colourful and wear-resistant. In the middle of the button, the watch's colour scheme is matched through a tone drip process, which enhances the overall fullness and design details of the watch with an extra finishing touch.

Light Weight Amazfit Bip S


Colours & Dual-Tone Look 

The Amazfit Bip S keeps the square watch dial from the original model, however, there are some changes in terms of the overall look of the watch. The polycarbonate body makes use of a two-tone technology that allows for fusing two different shades of the polycarbonate material. This allows users to play around with different colour combinations which adds vibrance and a tinge of freshness as well to the design. The Amazfit Bip S has a colour-changing watch body including shades including carbon black, white rock, red-orange and warm pink to curb your desire for colour and expression.

amazfit bip s

Innovation-Driven Cleaning Wristband Process

The Amazfit Bip S bands are also self-cleaning thanks to a Cleaning Wristband manufacturing process curated by Huami Technology (parent company of Amazfit). The cleaning wristband uses molecular lattice technology to ensure that the bands are soft, dry and resistant to dirt. Huami said this cleaning process is only available on the White Rock, Red-Orange, and Warm Pink colour variants as they use silicone straps. The Carbon Black variant has skin-friendly TPU straps that do not require it.

smartwatch sports mode

Sports Modes

One of the significant upgrades the Amazfit Bip S brings is its Sports Modes. It includes 10 sports modes, more than double of the original. Along with the typical modes such as indoor and outdoor running, cycling, and indoor and outdoor walking, it can also record elliptical training, free training, yoga, and indoor and outdoor swimming. The device can also measure stroke rate, stroke times, and SWOLF index - making it an interesting pick for swimmers in particular. It will also measure your speed and alert you when your heart rate is higher than normal.

Amazfit Bip S Sports Mode

Technological Features 

There is a 28nm Sony GPS chip inside the watch which enables better positioning and optimized power consumption. It also has a 24-hour heart rate monitoring which includes resting heart rate and heart rate intervals. Huami says the new BioTracker PPG heart rate sensor’s sensing area is now 3 times larger; has an LED luminous intensity 7 times more; has its accuracy improved to 98%, and uses 1/5 of the power consumption of the previous generation. The Huami’s PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) Assessment System offers personalized insights which help you measure the impact of your physical activity.

Technologically Driven Amazfit BIP S

The Amazfit Bip S also includes all the standard features which have now become the norm in smartwatches such as water-resistance (5 ATM), and additional support for music control, weather forecast, alarm clock, world clock, call notification (reject or silence), message notifications and more. The device also boasts an impressive battery life of 40 days. If the original Amazfit Bip was a pleasant surprise in terms of look & functionality, Amazfit is bound to blow your mind with Bip S as well.


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