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Amazfit Balance Smartwatch for Men, Ultra-big Screen Smartwatch with a Rich App Ecosystem,Ultra-large 1.5" (3.81 Cm) Display , Bluetooth Phone Calls , 6 Satellite Positioning Systems , 150+ Sports Modes & Smart Recognition , 24H Heart Rate, SpO₂ & Stress Monitoring.

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Specifications General (Design)


  • Sunset Grey




(without heart rate base)


Weight (without strap)

35g (without strap)

Body Material
  • Aluminum alloy middle frame, Fiber-reinforced polymer bottom shell
  • 2 (including the crown)

Water-resistance Grade


    5 ATM23






    1.5" (3.81 Cm)


Screen-to-body Ratio





  • 480x480

  • 323



    Tempered glass

    Anti-glare glass bezel

    Anti-fingerprint coating

Model Number



Battery Capacity

  • 475 mAh (rated value)


Charging Method

  • Magnetic charging


Theoretical Charging Duration

  • Approx. 2 hours


Typical Usage Scenario Battery Life

  • Up to 14 days


Battery Saver Mode Battery Life

  • Up to 25 days


Clock Mode Battery Life

  • Up to 50 days


Heavy Usage Scenario Battery Life

  • Up to 7 days


Accuracy GPS Mode

  • Up to 26 hours


Automatic GPS Mode

  • Up to 47 hours


Power Saving GPS Mode

  • Up to 52 hours



Platform And Storage Features

  • BioTracker™ 5.0 PPG biometric sensor (8PD + 2LED)

    BIA Bioelectric Impedance Sensor




  • Acceleration sensor


    Geomagnetic sensor

    Air pressure sensor

    Ambient light sensor

    Temperature sensor


  • Circularly-polarized GPS antenna

    Dual-band positioning

    6 satellite positioning systems


  • WLAN 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0



  • Linear motor



  • Liquid silicone



  • 22mm


Min. & Max.Wrist Dimensions

  • 150mm-220mm



  • Classic pin buckle

Packaging List
  • Smartwatch (including standard strap), magnetic charging cable, instruction manual

Camera And Display Features

Display Resolution
  • 480x480 Pixel

Supported Device
  • Android 7.0 and above, iOS 14.0 and above

Display Type
Backlight Display
  • Yes
Scratch Resistant
  • Yes
Other Display Features
  • Always-on Display
Fitness And Watch Functions
Calorie Count
  • Yes
Step Count
  • Yes
Heart Rate Monitor
  • Yes
Other Fitness Features
  • Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement,Monitoring of Heart Rate, Sleep and Sports Data
Date & Time Display
  • Date & Time
  • Yes
  • Yes
Alarm Clock
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • English
Number of Buttons
  • 1
Other Watch Functions
  • Bluetooth Phone Call;Weather;Multiple Sports Modes;Sleep Monitor;Heart Rate Monitor; Mobile Phone Music Control; Mobile Phone Camera Control; Find My Phone

Audio And Video Features

Gesture Control
  • Yes
Voice Control
  • Yes


  • 51.7 mm
  • 38.8 mm
  • 13.2 mm
  • 59.4 g

1. Readiness score and insights are for reference only, and can not be used for medical purposes or for diagnosis or a medical condition.

2. After an initial trial period, Readiness insights requires subscription to Zepp Aura, and is therefore only available in select countries and regions.

3. The Knowledge Base was developed by a team of experts, including Dr. Lisa Meltzer - a clinical psychologist who has more than 22 years of clinical teaching and research experience in the field of sleep health, providing sleep health solutions for individuals, enterprises and hospitals.

4. A three-month trial of Zepp Aura will be available for all Amazfit Balance users, and must be redeemed within three months after purchase. Subsequent use requires a paid subscription plan. Zepp Aura is not available in all countries and regions, and it's contents and any information provided is intended solely for educational purposes and should not be considered a replacement for professional medical advice. Always consult a qualified healthcare provider when seeking medical assistance. For more information about Zepp Aura, click here:

5. The Body Composition measurement uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to track body composition based on body fat, skeletal muscle, muscle, water, bone mass, protein, BMI and Basal Metabolism measurements. It is not intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition and results are for reference only. The function should not be used by pregnant women, people with implantable pacemakers, defibrillators or other implanted medical apparatus. Body composition test data may be inaccurate for people below the age of 20, professional athletes or other populations with few special circumstances, and results may vary depending on your arm posture during measurement. Before measuring your body composition, please enter the required physical characteristics into your Zepp App profile, and follow the instructions during the test.

6. Zepp Coach AI Chat is not available in all countries/regions, and will be available for a trial period with subsequent use requiring subscription.

7. Race Achievement Predictions only tracks data from the Outdoor Running mode. At least one 3km run must be completed in order to obtain performance prediction data. Predictions can be provided for the following race types: 3km race, two-mile race, three-mile race, 10km, half marathon, and full marathon.

8. Smart recognition of strength training exercises can only be engaged within the Strength Training sports mode. 25 exercises are able to be recognized at time of product release, including: Bodyweight squats, Bodyweight straight arm front squats, Barbell squats, Tricep pushdowns, Bent over rows, Barbell bench press, Sit-up holds, Knee-touch sit-ups, Dumbbell flys, Burpees, Burpee jumps, Overhead tricep extensions, Lying tricep extensions, Lateral raises, Jumping jacks, Lat pulldowns, Deadlift, Push-up, Shoulder press, Pull up, Bicep curls, Seated cable rows, Dumbbell drag curls, Straight-arm pulldowns, Russian twists. If an exercise is not auto-recognized by watch, the Zepp App can provide a list of muscle groups or exercise names to choose from.

9. Corresponding sports modes include: Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Walking, Indoor Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Pool Swimming, Rowing Machine, Elliptical. The accuracy and sensitivity of the workout recognition feature varies from person to person, and are related to the posture and proficiency of the user during their workout. Short workout duration or frequent changes in posture may not trigger the automatic recognition feature. When you are driving a car or taking a bus, or taking part in other such activities, accidental recognition may be triggered if these activities are particularly similar to the selected workout mode. When you are conducting outdoor activities, if the GPS signal is poor or the AGPS data information has not been synchronized with the mobile phone for an extended period, these outdoor activities may be assessed as indoor activities.

10. Live Sports Data Broadcast supports English and Chinese voice broadcasts.

11. Indoor positioning services are not supported. Positioning speed and accuracy may be affected by the surrounding environment. The number of satellites connected to simultaneously, and specific satellite connections, may depend on your location.

12. Navigation functions are compatible with these 18 sports modes: Outdoor running, Walking, Outdoor cycling, Climbing, Hiking, Cross-country skiing, Mountain biking, BMX, Outdoor boating, Bobsleigh and tobogganing, Sledding, Ski orienteering, Biathlon, Race walking, Snowshoeing, Trail running, Orienteering, Open water swimming. The shown straight line back to the start of a journey may not be a practical route to follow due to environmental factors; this is only intended to help you keep track of your position in relation to the start point of the journey.

13. Connection to these apps may depend on your location and smartphone device.

14. The maximum storage space for music is 2.3GB (due to the system space occupied, the actual space used by the user may be less than 2.3GB); based on 5-10MB per song, it can store up to 270-470 MP3 songs.

15. Only cycling power meters that support BLE connection are compatible with the watch.

16. 24-hour monitoring of heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2) need to be enabled in the Zepp App. For heart rate monitoring, the user must enable Auto Heart Rate Monitor in the Zepp App, and the minimum value can be set to 1 minute. Abnormal heart rate alerts and the preset value need to be set in the Zepp App. To measure blood-oxygen saturation (SpO₂), please wear the watch tightly at one finger-width from the wrist, and keep your arm still for best results. SpO₂ alerts are sent if the detected rate is too low compared to the preset value, which needs to be set in the Zepp App, at a minimum of 80%. Movement, and environmental and physical characteristics can affect speed and accuracy of monitoring and measurement. The 24-hour stress level monitoring needs to be enabled on the watch or in the Zepp App. Alerts for high stress levels are based on the preset value, and prompts for the breathing exercise need to be enabled on the watch. To process the one-tap measurement and other manual metric measurements, please wear the watch tightly at one finger-width from the wrist, and keep your arm still for best results. Movement, and environmental and physical characteristics can affect speed and accuracy of monitoring and measurement.

17. This product and the Zepp App are not medical devices and cannot be used for medical purposes, or as basis for diagnosis of any medical condition. Detection results are provided for reference only. Please consult professional medical institutions if you feel unwell.

18. Sleep monitoring can record night sleep and naps that last more than 20 minutes. Sleep Breathing Quality tracking needs to be enabled in the Zepp App or in the settings of the watch's Sleep feature.

19. Always-on Display: When the screen is illuminated, it displays system content. When the screen is in standby mode, it displays the time. This function requires users to manually set "Always-on Display". The user can switch on or off this feature through the watch or Zepp App.

20.To see the full list of 15 countries/regions and 14 languages supported, as well as how to activate and use Alexa on your Amazfit Balance, please visit

21. Morning updates need to be set in the Zepp App or in the watch settings, and the currently supported content is: weather, battery, sleep, schedule, PAI, yesterday's activity.

22. The battery life may vary according to the settings, operation conditions and other factors. So the actual result may differ from the laboratory data.

Typical usage scenario: Heart rate monitoring is often on and measures at 10-minute intervals, sleep monitoring enabled; static watch face selected; default screen brightness; 15 minutes of Bluetooth phone calls per week, 30 minutes of music playback; 150 pushed messages a day; receive 3 call notifications per day; raise wrist to see watch time 100 times per day; test blood-oxygen 2 times per day; test body fat 2 times per day; bright screen operations for 5 minutes per day; GPS running for 90 minutes per week.

Battery Saver Mode: Only some functions are available, such as manual measurement of heart rate, blood-oxygen and stress, one-tap measurement, use of sports modes, PAI, daily activity, alarm clock, calendar, to-do list, and settings. Health monitoring functions such as heart rate, blood-oxygen and stress monitoring are turned off, and only basic sleep monitoring is enabled; Bluetooth connection is limited to BLE, raising the wrist to light up the screen is turned off, and GPS is turned off.

Clock Mode: All-day heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth connection to the phone, and other functions are turned off; only step count and basic sleep information are recorded.

Heavy usage scenario: heart rate monitoring is always on and measures at 1-minute intervals, sleep monitoring and supplementary sleep monitoring are enabled with 8 hours of sleep breathing quality monitoring, stress monitoring enabled; animated watch face selected; 60 minutes of Bluetooth phone calls per week, 60 minutes of music playback; voice assistant enabled; 150 pushed messages a day lighting up the screen display; receive 3 call notifications per day; raise wrist to see watch time 100 times per day; test blood-oxygen 2 times per day; test body fat 2 times per day; bright screen operations for 15 minutes per day; GPS running for 90 minutes per week.

AOD Mode: Under heavy usage scenario, with the smart screen display function turned on.

Accuracy GPS Mode: Turn on heart rate monitoring and GPS movement (dual-frequency, all satellites).

Automatic GPS Mode: Turn on heart rate monitoring and GPS movement. This mode lasts approximately 44 hours, but the actual duration may vary depending on the satellite signal strength in your location.

Power Saving GPS Mode: Turn on heart rate monitoring and GPS exercise (single frequency, GPS low power consumption).


23. According to the ISO 22810-2010 standard, the Amazfit Balance achieves a rating of 5 ATM, for a water-resistance of up to 50 meters, and is therefore suitable for splashes, snow, showering, or swimming. It has passed third-party testing conducted by TUV SUD, and the report numbers are and Remove the watch when taking a hot shower or trip to the sauna, since too much steam can affect the seal and make it less water-resistant in future. Do not wear the watch with a leather or metal strap when swimming - when preparing to swim, change to a fluoroelastomer strap or other suitable type. For more information, please visit the support page at:

24. Due to the device's storage limit, only a maximum of 20 membership cards can be added to the same account. Supported codes include Code 128, Code 39, UPC A, EAN 13, and EAN 8 and QR codes.

25. This feature is only supported by Android devices with Zepp App version 6.10.0 or higher version installed.

26. Track Run mode and Smart Trajectory Correction only support 200 meter and 400 meter running track lengths.

27. Virtual Pacer is only compatible with Outdoor Running, Track Run, and Treadmill sports modes.

28. The list of 10 sports that are compatible with interval training include: Outdoor running, Treadmill, Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, Pool swimming, Rope skipping, Rowing machine, Indoor fitness, Core training, Strength training and Stair climbing. Training templates need to be created on the Zepp App, and up to 40 templates can be stored at a time; interval training can be set directly on the watch.

29. This feature needs to be enabled in the watch settings or Zepp App.

30. The HUNT Fitness Study indicates that people who maintain a PAI score of 100 or higher show lower risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. HUNT Fitness Study: This study was conducted by Professor Ulrik Wisloff of the Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It lasted for more than 35 years and had more than 230,000 participants. To use this function, all-day heart rate monitoring must be enabled.


1. What comes in the package of AMAZFIT BALANCE?

The package includes:
Smartwatch with band × 1
Charging base × 1
Instruction Manual × 1

2. How do I turn on the watch?

Press and hold the upper button to turn the watch on or off. Click the upper button to access the application list. Rotate to switch between pages.

3. How do I pair the watch with my phone?

Download and install the Zepp app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Register an account, log in, and follow the app's instructions to pair the watch.

4. How do I measure body composition using the watch?

Ensure the back of the watch and button sides are dry.
Tap the body composition icon on the main menu screen.
Enter your weight, confirm, and follow on-screen instructions.
Place two fingers on the buttons to start the measurement, keeping arms stable and parallel to the chest.

5. Important considerations for body composition measurement:

Results are for reference and not for medical purposes.
Those with implanted medical devices or pregnancy should avoid using this function.
Ensure accurate personal information on the Zepp App.
Keep fingers dry but moisten if the measurement fails due to dryness.

6. How do I charge the watch?

Connect the charging cable to a power source, put the watch on the charging base, ensuring a close fit. Check that the charging base is dry and use a 1A or above power adapter.

7. How do I wear the watch for accurate measurements?

Wear the watch at least one finger away from the carpal, ensuring a comfortable snugness. For blood oxygen and body composition measurement, keep arms and buttons dry.

8. What are the basic parameters of AMAZFIT BALANCE?

The watch requires Android 7.0 or iOS 14.0 or above OS versions, has a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, and supports Bluetooth version V5.0.

9. What are the safety precautions for the battery and usage?

Avoid extreme temperatures, do not modify the battery, and follow disposal guidelines. Prevent contact with incompatible substances and use only authorized accessories.

10. How do I maintain and clean the watch?

Avoid chemical residues on the watch, promptly clean after exposure to water, prevent contact between the leather strap and water, and avoid high-speed water activities.

11. What should I avoid while wearing the watch?

Avoid highly magnetic environments, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures.

12. What is the warranty policy for AMAZFIT products?

The warranty period is 12 months or as specified by applicable consumer laws. Visit the official website for more information and warranty specifics.



Amazfit Balance Smartwatch FAQ

1. What is the Amazfit Balance?

The Amazfit Balance is a smartwatch designed to harmonize life, work, body, and mind. It features a sleek design, advanced health and fitness tracking, and is powered by Zepp OS 3.0.

2. What are the key features of the Amazfit Balance?

  • Mental & Physical Readiness Analysis
  • Body Composition Measurement
  • Sleep & Fitness Coaching
  • 150+ Downloadable Apps
  • Dual-band GPS & 6 Satellite Positioning Systems
  • Bluetooth Phone Calls and Zepp Pay Contactless Payment
  • Amazon Alexa Built-in
  • Large 1.5" HD AMOLED Display with 200+ Watch Faces
  • 14 Days Battery Life (Typical Usage)

3. How does the Readiness Score work?

The Readiness score is calculated based on data like sleep quality, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. It helps you gauge how recharged you are for the day ahead.

4. Can I use Amazfit Balance for sports and fitness tracking?

Yes, it supports 150+ sports modes, personalized training plans, and can auto-detect 25 exercise types. It also offers real-time sports mode data broadcast.

5. Does the Amazfit Balance support mobile payments?

Yes, it features Zepp Pay for contactless payments, compatible with supported bank cards in select countries.

6. Is there GPS tracking on the Amazfit Balance?

Yes, it has dual-band GPS and supports route navigation using 6 satellite positioning systems.

7. What is the battery life of the Amazfit Balance?

The battery life is up to 14 days with typical usage and up to 5 days with Always-On Display mode.

8. Can I receive call and message notifications on the Amazfit Balance?

Yes, it supports Bluetooth phone calls, message notifications, and quick replies for Android users.

9. How does the sleep tracking feature work?

The watch tracks sleep stages, including REM, and offers insights and personalized tips for better sleep quality through Zepp Aura.

10. Is the Amazfit Balance water-resistant?

Yes, it has a water-resistance rating of 5 ATM, suitable for splashes, snow, showering, or swimming.

11. Can I customize the watch face on the Amazfit Balance?

Yes, it offers over 200 watch faces, with options for always-on displays and uploading personal photos.

12. How do I sync my Amazfit Balance with my phone?

The watch is compatible with iOS and Android devices and syncs via the Zepp App for comprehensive health and fitness data analysis.

13. What health monitoring features does the Amazfit Balance have?

It monitors heart rate, blood oxygen, stress, and sleep quality. It also offers a one-tap measurement for four key metrics.

14. What is Zepp Coach™?

Zepp Coach™ is an AI-powered fitness coach that provides personalized workout plans and fitness advice.

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About Amazfit: Amazfit, a leading global smart wearable brand focused on health and fitness, is part of Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a health technology company. Offering a wide selection of smart watches and bands, Amazfit's brand essence is "Up Your Game", encouraging users to live their passions and express their active spirits freely. Amazfit is powered by Zepp Health’s proprietary health management platform that delivers cloud-based 24/7 actionable insights and guidance to help users attain their wellness goals. With outstanding craftsmanship, Amazfit smartwatches have won many design awards, including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Launched in 2015, Amazfit is today embraced by millions of users. Its products are available in more than 90 countries across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

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