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New OTA Update for Amazfit Balance: Version


Attention all Amazfit Balance enthusiasts! The latest Over-The-Air (OTA) update, Version, is here. This update, just 7.77MB in size, is packed with exciting new features and enhancements, specifically tailored for the Amazfit Balance. Let’s explore the new dimensions this update adds to your Amazfit Balance.

What’s New in Version for Amazfit Balance?

Enhanced Running Features for Amazfit Balance

  • Real-Time Performance Alerts: Outdoor running and Track run modes on your Amazfit Balance now come with real-time performance alerts.
  • Track Run Mode Upgrades on Amazfit Balance: Enjoy segmented lap calculations and the ability to switch tracks during your workout.

Improved Workout Variety and Personal Records on Amazfit Balance

  • New Workout Categories: Amazfit Balance’s personal records algorithm now includes Swimming and Jumping rope.
  • Workout Settings on Amazfit Balance: A new addition to the workout list for enhanced customization.

Jumping Rope Mode on Amazfit Balance

  • Track your consecutive jumps and rope breaks more effectively with your Amazfit Balance.

Zepp Coach for Amazfit Balance Runners

  • New 3KM Race Plans: Tailored plans for runners using the Amazfit Balance, accessible via the Zepp App.

Optimizations for a Smoother Amazfit Balance Experience

Improved Training and Connectivity for Amazfit Balance

  • Lap Time Data and Distance Alert: Enhanced features for interval training and training templates on the Amazfit Balance.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth and App Connection: Easily monitor your Amazfit Balance’s connectivity.

Health and Wellness Upgrades on Amazfit Balance

  • Optimized Readiness Score and Body Composition Assessment: Get more precise health insights with your Amazfit Balance.

User Interface Improvements on Amazfit Balance

  • Faster Wake Screen Response: An even more responsive Amazfit Balance experience.

Upgrade your Amazfit Balance today to enjoy these latest features and enhancements. Whether you're a runner, swimmer, or a fitness enthusiast, the Amazfit Balance is ready to take your workout experience to the next level!


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