Unleashing the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra: A True Outdoor Warrior
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Unleashing the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra: A True Outdoor Warrior


In the ever-evolving landscape of smartwatches, the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra emerges as a true outdoor warrior, combining robust features with a design built for extreme conditions. This military-grade outdoor GPS smartwatch is not just a timekeeper; it's a companion for the adventurous souls who seek the thrill of the wild. Let's delve into the extraordinary features that set the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra apart.

Stainless Steel & Mud-resistant Design: Constructed with super-strong 316L stainless steel and featuring a patented mud-resistant bridge and buttons, the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra is engineered to withstand the most rugged conditions. The smartwatch's HD AMOLED display, reaching a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, ensures ultra-clear visibility in any environment. Adjustable lugs provide maximum comfort during your epic adventures, while a responsive touchscreen and four convenient buttons offer ultimate control.

30m Freediving Support: As the ultimate multi-environment outdoor smartwatch, the T-Rex Ultra supports both indoor and outdoor freediving up to a depth of 30 meters. Its impressive water resistance, equivalent to 100 meters' water pressure, makes it ideal for various water activities, including swimming, surfing, and kitesurfing.

Dual-band GPS & Route Navigation: Equipped with both L1 and L5 signals, the smartwatch offers precise dual-band GPS positioning, supporting six satellite systems for global coverage. Import your route files along with corresponding Offline Maps, and navigate with professional-level environmental understanding.

Mighty 20-day Battery Life: Experience energy beyond extinction with an exceptional 20-day battery life. The Amazfit T-Rex Ultra introduces an Endurance GPS battery mode for nature enthusiasts who lose themselves in the wilderness, along with an Automatic GPS battery mode that intelligently adjusts settings based on signal strength, conserving power efficiently.

-30℃ Ultra-low Temperature Operation: Built for the brave, this smartwatch can operate in extreme temperatures as low as -30℃, thanks to its specially designed circuitry system and battery. The watch not only resists the cold physically but also ensures continued functionality in the most intense conditions.

Military-grade Toughness: Resistant to extreme temperatures (70℃ heat and -40℃ cold), humidity, shock, and more, the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra has proven its toughness through 15 military-grade tests. Navigate your surroundings better with the built-in compass and barometer, complemented by environmental reminders and other useful features.

Notes and Considerations:

  • Indoor positioning services are not supported, and positioning speed and accuracy may vary based on the surrounding environment.
  • The Amazfit T-Rex Ultra can be utilized as a map browsing tool for imported OSM map files, compatible with sports modes supporting GPS positioning.
  • The watch's offline map display requires a downloaded map matching the real location and a route file for navigation.
  • Battery life may vary based on settings, operation conditions, and other factors.
  • The Amazfit T-Rex Ultra and the Zepp App are not medical devices and cannot be used for medical purposes.
  • The packaging box is 100% environmentally friendly, featuring naturally degradable materials.
  • Call Quick Reply is supported only by Android devices with Zepp App version 6.10.0 or higher.


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