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Unveiling Harmony: Discover the Amazfit Balance


In the fast-paced rhythm of our lives, finding equilibrium is crucial. Meet the Amazfit Balance, a fusion of style and functionality, driven by Zepp OS 3.0. This smartwatch is designed to orchestrate a symphony of wellness, guiding you towards balance in work, body, and mind.

Wellness for Body & Mind

Mental & Physical Readiness Analysis: Begin your day with the Amazfit Balance, your companion during sleep, providing a Readiness score based on factors like sleep resting heart rate and temperature.

Zepp OS 3.0 Features: Unlock a world of possibilities with 150+ downloadable apps, seamless device connectivity, and enhanced smartphone compatibility, all empowered by Zepp OS 3.0.

Industry-Leading GPS Accuracy: Navigate your fitness journey with confidence using dual-band GPS and route navigation supported by six satellite positioning systems.

Ultimate Lifestyle Partner: From Bluetooth calls to Zepp Pay and Amazon Alexa integration, the Amazfit Balance seamlessly integrates into your daily life.

AI-Powered Fitness Coach: With Zepp Coach™ offering personalized training and over 150 sports modes, the Amazfit Balance becomes your dedicated fitness advisor.

Sleek & Classic Design: Featuring a large 1.5" HD AMOLED display, 200+ watch faces, and a lightweight design, the Amazfit Balance is a perfect blend of style and utility.

Ultra-Long Battery Life: With up to 14 days of typical usage and 5 days with Always-On Display mode, the Amazfit Balance ensures your journey to wellness is uninterrupted.

Your Journey to Balance Starts Here

Success is built on the foundation of balance, and the Amazfit Balance is your guide to achieving the right equilibrium between activity and recovery.

Insightful Life Coach: Explore Readiness insights on the Zepp App, powered by a Knowledge Base developed by sleep health experts, providing practical guidance to help you regain balance.

Embrace Mindfulness: Calm your mind with breathing exercises, meditation, and Yoga, seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

AI-Powered Personal Trainer: With Zepp Coach™ generating personalized workout plans and offering real-time guidance, achieving your fitness goals becomes a personalized journey.

Exercise: The Great Stress Reliever: Choose from over 150 sports modes to ensure your workouts are not just effective but enjoyable.

Reliable Health Tracking

Intelligence in Action: Utilize L1 and L5 signals from six satellite positioning systems, ensuring precise route navigation. Share your activity and enjoy real-time sports mode data broadcast.

PeakBeats™: Balance Performance and Recovery: Receive a post-workout summary of specialized data to ensure your performance, improvement, and recovery are in-sync.

Health Tracking Redefined: With energy-efficient Zepp OS 3.0 and the enhanced dual-LED and 8PD BioTracker™ 5.0, the Amazfit Balance provides accurate monitoring of vital health metrics, including heart rate, blood-oxygen, stress, and sleep.

Designed to Serve, Created to Inspire

Achieve the Ultimate Work-Life Balance: With a sleek metallic frame, sweat-resistant straps, and an industry-leading anti-glare glass bezel, the Amazfit Balance perfectly balances fashion and function.

1.5" AMOLED Display: Featuring a high-resolution AMOLED display with a screen-to-body ratio of 73.4%, the Amazfit Balance ensures a visual breakthrough for round smartwatches.

Personalization and Optimization: Choose from 200+ watch faces, upload your photos, and enjoy new editable Always-On Displays, creating a watch uniquely yours.

Unleash Your Potential with Zepp OS 3.0

A Symphony of Efficiency: Experience an evolution in efficiency with Zepp OS 3.0, offering 150+ downloadable apps to optimize your workday, enhance health and fitness understanding, and provide stress relief.

In a world where balance is the key to success, the Amazfit Balance stands as your guide to finding that perfect rhythm. More than a smartwatch, it's a catalyst for mindfulness, helping you achieve the ultimate work-life balance. Wear your Amazfit Balance and embark on a journey towards wellness and potential.


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