Amazfit Balance AI Smartwatch Update Brings Wider Zepp Flow™ Support i
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Amazfit Balance AI Smartwatch Update Brings Wider Zepp Flow™ Support in India


Step into the future of wearable technology with the latest firmware update, version, for the Amazfit Balance AI smartwatch. This update introduces the revolutionary Zepp Flow™ AI assistant, a natural language user interface powered by advanced AI models. Zepp Flow™ enables seamless voice interactions, transforming how users engage with their smartwatches by eliminating the need for traditional tapping and swiping gestures.

What is Amazfit AI Smartwatch and Zepp Flow?

Curious to learn more about the Amazfit AI smartwatch and Zepp Flow™? Check out this informative video to dive deeper into the innovative features and functionalities they offer.


Amazfit Balance update

April 2024 brings another feature-filled update for the Amazfit Balance, from wider Zepp Flow™ availability, to deepening the running support offered by Zepp Coach™, and much more. Read on to find out the highlights of the new update.

1. Zepp Coach™ Adds Support for Half and Full Marathon Plans

Until now, Zepp Coach™ running plans have supported 5KM and 10KM runs. But with the new update, we're excited to announce the introduction of half-marathon and full-marathon training programs, too. Along with these new plans, the new Confidence Index and Plan Completion Rate are tailored to help you manage your training progress more effectively and strike the right balance for you.
Amazfit Balance smartwatch

2. Zepp Flow Expands to Additional Regions with Local Language Support

Zepp Flow™ has now launched in Germany with support for German language interactions, and we'll start adding support for French, Italian, and Spanish soon. Now, users in those countries - along with India and Singapore, also newly added - can also use talk to their smartwatch about their fitness, readiness, sleep quality, daily activities, and much more.
zepp flow

3. New Sleep Heart Rate Variability Feature.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measure of the variation in time intervals between heartbeats. It can be used to monitor the body's recovery state, stress levels, and post-exercise recovery, playing a crucial role in health and fitness. This new feature displays a complete record of last night's HRV data, enabling you to better face each day.
HRV health tracking

4. Offline Map Road Name Display (Only Available for Global Version)

To help you better understand your surroundings during exercise and navigation, offline maps now features road name information, so you can more easily recognize and manage exercise routes.
offline map smartwatch

Additional Updates

  • New sports modes: Bouldering and Indoor Rock Climbing.
sports watch
  • Runners can track their Running Power.
  • Snowboarding and Skiing now come with trail navigation and resort maps support.
Download this update for your Amazfit Balance from the Zepp App today, and enjoy the new features.


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