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How do I pair my Amazfit Band 7?

1) When the device is started for the first time, a QR code displays on the screen.
2) Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
3) Install and open the Zepp app on your phone. Next, create an account and log in.
4) Select the band with the QR code for pairing.
5) Both the phone and the band will receive a pairing message.
6) Tap to confirm.

Do I need to keep my phone's Bluetooth enabled all the time when wearing my band 7?

1) You do not need to enable Bluetooth all the time for features such as step counting, workout, sleep monitoring, heart rate measurement, blood oxygen saturation measurement, timer, alarm clock, idle alert, and PAI calculation.

2) You need to enable Bluetooth for features such as incoming call reminders, app notification alerts on your phone, phone finder, band finder, and music control for your phone, since the phone needs to promptly transmit information to the band. These features can be used only when your band is connected to your phone.

What should I do if I cannot receive notifications on Band 7?

Please note that what is displayed on the watch is the same as what you see on the notification bar of your phone. Can you see app notifications on your phone's notification bar? Note that these notifications and alerts will only show on the watch as and when they show up on the phone.

The Zepp app does not show a pre-populated list of existing apps on the mobile device. Only apps that have generated notifications will appear in the list, and it will populate over time as and when notifications arrive.

The troubleshooting process steps are as follows:

A. Enable App Notifications Alerts in the app.

1) Open the Zepp app, in the bottom right corner, tap Profile > My Devices > Amazfit Band 7 > Notifications & Alerts > App Notification Alerts to give the Zepp app access to notifications.
2) Enable App Notification Alerts.
3) Tap Manage Apps in the middle at the bottom of the screen and select the apps for which you want to receive notifications and alerts.

Note: If you enable Receive App Alerts Only When Screen Off, you will only receive app alerts when your phone screen turns off.

B. Ensure the phone's Bluetooth is enabled.
C. Check whether the watch is in Do Not Disturb mode (Silent mode). If the watch is in Do Not Disturb mode, please disable the mode.
D. Make sure the phone's notification bar is working properly.
F. Go to the mobile phone system settings, find the App Notifications feature, turn it off and then back on, restart the phone, open the Zepp app, and try again.
G. Open the Zepp app and go to Profile > My Devices > Amazfit Band 7. Tap Run in the Background to check the settings and make sure the Zepp app is running in the background.

If you are using an iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Zepp App > Enable All Alerts. Make sure you have turned on the Other toggle in the Zepp app.

How do I sync data ibn Band 7? What should I do if the Band 7 connection fails?

When the phone's Bluetooth and the Zepp app are both turned on, data synchronization will start automatically. Alternatively, swipe down on the Zepp app home screen to manually sync data.
If the connection fails, try the following methods: First, swipe down on the Zepp app home screen to manually sync data. If it does not work, force close the Zepp app and then reopen it.

Note: When the band is recording workout activities or playing music, the app will not be able to sync data to it.

What should I do if I cannot register the Zepp app?

Check whether the user account and password you enter are correct.
1) In the phone's settings, switch the network from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G network.
2) Clear the Bluetooth shared data and app cache/data.
3) Restart the phone.
If the above steps do not work, please uninstall the app and try to reinstall it from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store. If the problem persists, please contact on the official website

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