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Built-in GPS, 1.69" Large Color Display | 2 Weeks' Battery Life | 5 ATM Water-resistance | Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement

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  • 1.69" Large Color Display
  • Built-in GPS , 60 Sports Modes & 5 ATM Water-resistance
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring, SpO2 measurement, and sleep quality and stress level monitoring
  • Super Slim , Light Body & 14 days Battery Life
  • PAI Health Assessment System
  • 50+ Vibrant Watch Faces
  • Touchscreen
  • Fitness 7 Outdoor

  • Check out why the New BIP 3 Pro is best smartwatch for men and women.

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  • 12 Months Warranty
  • 7 Days Replacement

1.69" Super-sized Screen

Ready for a real eye-opener? Immerse yourself in the super-large and colorful HD display of BIP 3 Pro, and see all your incoming calls, messages, reminders, and health and fitness data in awesome, expansive quality.

14 Days of Battery Life

Got a trip coming up? Fully charge the watch before you go, and unplug yourself for up to two weeks. The BIP 3 Pro watch packs a powerful battery into its super slim and light body, so you can pack something more fun than a charger into your case.

4 Satellite Positioning Systems

The Amazfit Bip 3 Pro supports 4 satellite positioning systems to help you track your moves through the great outdoors with high-precision.

5 ATM Water-resistance

IP68 drowning your ambition? With its water-resistance grade of 5 ATM, you can swim with your Bip 3 Pro, without worry. The watch can even track your activity data with its Open Water Swimming sports mode.

60 Sports Modes

Get data on BIP 3 Pro for all your favorite sports, like walking, running and cycling, as well as more freeform workouts like strength training, yoga, and free training.

SpO2 Measurement

Feeling worn out? Or adventuring up to higher altitudes? Be smart and use the BIP 3 Pro watch to easily measure your blood-oxygen saturation in as quick as 25 seconds, to quickly understand your physical state.

PAI Health Assessment System

Don't you wish your fitness tracker took playing with your pet into account? Even cleaning the house is hard work! Well PAI takes everyday activities into consideration, plus all your regular health and workout data - which is all then converted into a single-value score, unique to you.

Stress Level Monitoring

Don't let stress slow your progress; use the Bip 3 Pro to monitor your stress levels all day. Or if you feel overwhelmed at any point, calm yourself with the watch's built-in breathing exercise.

Sleep Quality Monitoring

Follow your dreams through the light, deep and REM sleep stages. The Amazfit Bip 3 Pro can monitor your sleep quality, so you can rest well enough to keep making the fitness gains you want.

Design   Sensors  
Colors Black , Pink , Cream Health BioTracker™ 2 PPG biometric sensor (supports blood-oxygen)
Dimensions 44.12x36.49x9.65mm Movement 3-axis acceleration sensor
Weight (without strap) 33.2g Positioning 4 satellite positioning systems
Body Material Plastic bottom case + middle frame spraying Connection Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Buttons 1    
Water-resistance Grade 5 ATM    
Display   Strap  
Material TFT touchscreen Materials Silicone Quick release
Size 1.69" Width 20mm
Resolution 240x280 Min. & Max. Wrist Dimensions 153-218mm
PPI 218 Buckle Classic pin buckle
Touchscreen 2.5D tempered glass + anti-fingerprint coating Others  
    Motor Rotor motor
Battery   Packing List  
Battery Capacity 280 mAh (rated value) Smartwatch (including standard strap), magnetic charging cable, instruction manual
Charging Method Magnetic charging cable    
Theoretical Charging Duration Approx. 2 hours
Supported Devices
Typical Usage Scenario Battery Life Up to 14 days
Android 7.0 and above, iOS 12.0 and above
Heavy Usage Scenario Battery Life Up to 7 days Application  
    Zepp App  
Sports Category     Sports Features  
Sports Modes Running & walking   Sports Modes 60
  Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking      
  Cycling   Running Support Target Pace
  Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, BMX     Health Features
Outdoor workouts Fishing, Hunting, Skateboarding, Roller skating, Sailing   24H Monitoring Stress level
        Heart rate
Indoor sports Elliptical, Rowing machine, Stair-climbing machine, Stair stepper, Indoor fitness, Mixed aerobics, Strength training, Step training, Core training, Flexibility training, Free training, Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics, Stretching      
      Manual Measurement Heart rate
Dance Square dance, Ballroom dance, Belly dance, Ballet, Zumba, Hip-hop dance, Dance     Blood-oxygen saturation
        Stress level
Combat sports Boxing, Wrestling, Martial arts, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Fencing      
      Sleep Quality Monitoring Sleep stages (including REM)
Ball sports Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Table tennis, Badminton, Softball, Squash, Gateball, Cricket, Handball, Bowling     Daytime naps
        Sleep breathing quality
Winter sports Outdoor skating, Indoor skating, Curling     Sleep score
Others Jumping rope, Archery, Equestrianism   Health Assessment System PAI
        Breathing Exercise
      Support Menstrual Cycle Tracking
      Support Health reminders
        Abnormally high heart rate
1. Some watch faces will be added via OTA update.
2. The battery life may vary according to the settings, operation conditions and other factors. So the actual result may differ from the laboratory data.
Typical usage scenario: Heart rate monitoring is always on and measures at 10-minute intervals, sleep monitoring enabled; 150 pushed messages a day; receive 3 call notifications per day; raise wrist to see watch time 100 times; test blood-oxygen 5 times per day; bright screen operations for 5 minutes per day; exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time.
Heavy usage scenario: Heart rate monitoring is always on and measures at 1-minute intervals, sleep monitoring enabled with 8 hours of sleep breathing quality monitoring, stress monitoring enabled; 150 pushed messages a day lighting up the screen display; receive 3 call notifications per day; raise wrist to see watch time 100 times; test blood-oxygen 5 times per day; bright screen operations for 5 minutes per day; exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time.
3. According to the ISO 28810:2010 standard, the Amazfit Bip 3 achieves a rating of 5 ATM, for a water-resistance of up to 50 meters, and is therefore suitable for splashes, snow, showering, swimming, or some high-speed water sports. It has passed third-party testing conducted by SGS, and the report number is SHES220300374471. Remove the watch when taking a hot shower or trip to the sauna, since too much steam can affect the seal and make it less water-resistant in future. Do not wear the watch with a leather or metal strap when swimming - when preparing to swim, change to a fluoroelastomer strap or other suitable type. For more information, please visit the support page at:
4. Target Pace is only compatible with Outdoor Running and Treadmill sports modes.
5. This product and the Zepp App are not medical devices and cannot be used for medical purposes, or as basis for diagnosis of any medical condition. Detection results are provided for reference only. Please consult professional medical institutions if you feel unwell.
6. The 24-hour heart rate monitoring feature requires the user to enable Auto Heart Rate Monitor in the Zepp App, and the minimum value can be set to 1 minute. Abnormal heart rate alerts and the preset value need to be set in the Zepp App. Movement, and environmental and physical characteristics can affect speed and accuracy of monitoring and measurement.
7. Sleep monitoring can record night sleep and naps that last more than 20 minutes. Sleep Breathing Quality tracking needs to be enabled in the Zepp App or in the settings of the watch's Sleep feature.
8. The 24-hour stress level monitoring needs to be enabled on the watch or in the Zepp App. Alerts for high stress levels are based on the preset value.
9. The HUNT Fitness Study indicates that people who maintain a PAI score of 100 or higher show lower risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. HUNT Fitness Study: This study was conducted by Professor Ulrik Wisloff of the Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It lasted for more than 35 years and had more than 230,000 participants. To use this function, all-day heart rate monitoring must be enabled.
The product images and screen content shown above are for reference purpose only. The actual product (including but not limited to its appearance, color and size) and screen display content (including but not limited to the background, UI and graphics) may differ slightly.
The data that is provided on this page without a specified source is taken from internal laboratories or supplier data, and has been obtained under a specific test environment. The product's actual performance may differ slightly due to product individual differences, software versions, usage conditions and environmental factors.
To provide product information, specifications and characteristics as accurately as possible, our company may adjust and revise the text descriptions, images and other content in the above pages at any time. Due to real-time changes in product batches and production-supply factors, we may modify the above information as required without providing a special notice.
The radio waves generated by the equipment may affect the normal operation of implanted medical equipment or personal medical equipment, such as pacemakers and hearing aids. If you use these devices, please consult their manufacturers for restrictions on using this device.
The product should not be worn in environments with strong magnetic fields such as MRI machines or medical imaging machines, as they may cause damage to the watch.

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Amazfit GTS 4 Smart Watch for Android iPhone, with NavIC navigation, Alexa Built-in, Accurate GPS Tracking Fitness Sports Watch with 150 Sports Modes, 1.75” AMOLED Display, 8-Day Battery Life, Customizable Sleep Schedules - Color
Amazfit GTR 4 Smart Watch comes with Bluetooth Phone Calls, with NavIC navigation, Music Storage & Playback, Store Cards for Simplified Shopping, Powerful & Accurate Health Technology, Online & Offline Voice Assistants

Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 smartwatch support NavIC in India. What is NavIC? NavIC is India's satellite system designed by ISRO. India has deployed 8 satellites in the sky covering the whole Indian landmass, and up to 1,500 km from its boundaries. NavIC Position accuracy for India is superior to GPS or GLONASS.

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