Amazfit Bip U Pro

with Blood Oxygen Monitor (Spo2) | Alexa | GPS

1.43” HD Large Color Screen | Blood-oxygen Level Measurement
5 ATM Water-resistant | 60+ Sports Modes, with High-precision GPS1
Amazon Alexa Built-in2 | Geomagnetic sensor (electronic compass)

Amazfit Bip U Pro | Oxygen Monitor (SpO2) | in-Built Alexa | GPS | 5 ATM  | 60+ Sports Modes
Amazfit Bip U Pro | Oxygen Monitor (SpO2) | in-Built Alexa | GPS | 5 ATM  | 60+ Sports Modes
Amazfit Bip U Pro | Oxygen Monitor (SpO2) | in-Built Alexa | GPS | 5 ATM  | 60+ Sports Modes

Amazfit Bip U Pro | Oxygen Monitor (SpO2) | in-Built Alexa | GPS | 5 ATM | 60+ Sports Modes

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Bip U pro comes with advance blood oxygen monitoring, heart beat monitor, GPS and track many health vitals for your fitness. 

1.43” Large Color Screen

Level Measurement1

PAITM Health
Assessment System

Stress Monitoring &
Breathing Exercise

31g Lightweight

60+ Sports Modes with High-precision GPS3


9-day Battery Life4


Large Color Screen

Enjoy a bigger and clearer view

320x302 pixel resolution creates an exquisite visual display, making all incoming calls, messages, and reminders extremely clear.


Watch Faces5

Craft and wear your lifestyle on your wrist

50 watch faces are available to suit your mood and outfit, or you can upload your own photos for a more personalized watch face. The Bip U also supports animated watch faces that make every glance at your watch a unique experience.

5.   Four built-in watch faces. You can replace two of the built-in watch faces from a selection of 40+ online watch faces in the Zepp App.

Customizable Watch Face Modular6
Highlight what’s important to you

Select and display information important to you on your watch home screen, such as time, date, weather, heart rate, and more, with the customizable modular.


Super-light Body
Designed for all-day comfort

An ultra-light design you can barely feel when striving for peak performance.


Stay smart while you swim

Water-resistant up to 50 meters, you can wear the Bip U for swimming and it will track your movements and record your achievements even under water.


Sports Modes
with High-precision GPS3
Letting you exercise
at a higher level

The Bip U records your exercise data to help you work out at a higher level. You can check your walking distance, speed, heart rate changes, calories burned, and other key factors such as whether you are exercising in your fat burning zone or cardiopulmonary strengthening zone based on your heart rate, as well as providing instant alerts when your heart rate gets too high.

3. Only Amazfit Bip U Pro has built-in GPS; Amazfit Bip U supports connection with mobile phone GPS.


Blood-oxygen Level Measurement1 Grasp a new metric of health

This smart watch is equipped with a newly upgraded biological optical tracking sensor, the BioTrackerTM 2, that supports measurement of blood-oxygen saturation. When feeling unwell, under mental stress, engaged in intensive workouts such as marathons and gym sessions, or in high-altitude and hypoxic environments, you can immediately measure your blood-oxygen saturation and understand your physical state.


Sleep Quality Monitoring Improve sleep quality for optimal performance

The watch accurately monitors your sleep stages, including those of deep sleep, light sleep, REM, awake time, and afternoon naps7, and interprets the characteristics to provide you a sleep quality score and insights for improvement.


Heart Rate Tracking8
Monitor your heart rate 24/7

The Bip U can maintain continuous 24-hour heart rate monitoring. With its Huami-proprietary BioTrackerTM 2 PPG biological optical sensor, the Amazfit Bip U delivers accurate heart rate measurements.

PAI Health Assessment System9
Compile vital health data into a simple score

PAI™ is a health evaluation system that uses algorithms to transform complex information such as heart rate data, activity duration, and other health data into numerical values, and presents this data to users. PAI’s functionality is not limited by the time, place, or form of exercise. In addition, it creates a customized health evaluation system for each user based on their unique health data, offering everyone a unique experience.

9.The HUNT Fitness Study project has proved that people who continue to maintain a PAI vitality index above 100 have a lower risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

Stress Monitoring
Train your breathing to
regulate stress levels

The watch supports stress monitoring and can provide breathing training to help balance your stress levels, so that you can instantly know when you need to rest and relax.

Menstrual Cycle Tracker
Receive alert and plan ahead

The Amazfit Bip U can help you record your menstrual and ovulation periods, and alert you before they arrive so that you can plan ahead and avoid disruptions.

Alexa Built-in

You can talk to Amazon Alexa on your Amazfit Bip U Pro. Ask Alexa questions, get translations, set alarms and timers, check the weather, control your smart home devices and more.

Outstanding Battery Life4
Extend your adventure

When fully-charged, you can relax and enjoy more than a full week of travel or work without worrying about chargers. Enjoy up to nine days of activity and progress with one less charger in your bag.

Typical Usage

Up to 9-day battery life.

Heavy Usage

Up to 5-day battery life.

Make Everything Easier

Message Notification

Pomodoro Clock

Mobile Phone Music Control

World Clock, Alarm Clock

Remote Control Mobile Phone Camera


Find My Phone


Weather Forecasts

40.9 x 35.5 x 11.4mm
31g (with strap)
Body material
Strap material
Silicon rubber
Strap length
118 mm (long version), 76 mm (short version)
Strap width
Waterproof rating2
1.43" full color IPS LCD, 72% NTSC (typical), resolution 302x320
Touch screen
2.5D glass + anti-fingerprint coating
BioTracker 2 PPG Biological Optical Sensor;
Acceleration sensor;
Gyroscope sensor;
Geomagnetic sensor (Amazfit Bip U Pro only)
Yes (Amazfip Bip U Pro only)
GPS (Amazfit Bip U Pro only)
BLE 5.0
230mAh lithium-ion polymer battery (Typical value)
Charging time
About 2 hours
Charging method
Clip / 2-pins POGO pin
Battery Life
Typical usage scenario: 9 days4
Operating system
Supported Devices
Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above
Clip dock, user manual
Zepp App (formerly known as the Amazfit App)

Remark: The current version supports American English only.

Amazon Alexa set-up instructions: Enter your Amazon account and password in Zepp APP under “Profile” -> “Add accounts” -> “Amazon” -> “Click Authorization”. After successful authorization, you can use Alexa by using a right slide gesture on the watch face page of the smart band.

Features Amazon Alexa support as below:


Example   Utterance

Smart home commands

“Alexa, turn on the living room lights.”

Alarms and Timers

“Alexa, set a two-minute timer”


“Alexa, set a reminder to email John   in 20 minutes”


“Alexa, add eggs to my shopping list.”


“Alexa, what is the weather?”


“Alexa, where is the nearest Starbucks?”


“Alexa, how do you say Hello in French?”


“Alexa, what is the capital of Germany?”


“Alexa, what's up?”

“Alexa, how are you doing?”


How to upgrade your Amazfit Bip U Pro with Alexa built-in?

Amazon Alexa is available with an OTA (over-the-air) upgrade. Once the version with Alexa Built-in is released, open the Zepp App and click your band name in “My devices” under “Profile” page, and then your Amazfit Band 5 will be upgraded.


Alexa is not available for Zepp accounts originally registered from WeChat

1. This product is not a medical device. All the measurement data and results are provided for reference only and cannot be used to perform professional diagnosis or monitoring of any medical conditions. Due to external factors (such as arm hair, tattoos, or darker skin), there may be cases where measurement results are inaccurate or even unavailable. To measure SpO2, please keep your arm still.
2. Based on the ISO 22810:2010 standard, the watch delivers a water resistance level of up to 50 meters and has passed the test conducted by the BUREAU VERITAS CONSUMER PRODUCTS SERVICES. The report number is XRX-ESH-P20062078.
3. Only Amazfit Bip U Pro has built-in GPS; Amazfit Bip U supports connection with mobile phone GPS. Sports modes include: Ballet, Belly dance, Square dance, Street dance, Ballroom dance, Zumba, Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking, Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, BMX, Core training, Rowing machine, Mixed aerobics, Strength training, Stretching, Stair-climbing machine, Pilates, Flexibility training, Indoor fitness, Stair stepper, Step training, Gymnastics, Elliptical, Yoga, Free training, Hunting, Fishing, Roller skating, Sailing, Skateboarding, Pool swimming, Open water swimming (Amazfit Pro only), Curling, Outdoor skating, Indoor skating, Cricket, Baseball, Bowling, Squash, Basketball, Softball, Gate ball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Handball, Badminton, Fencing, Karate, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Martial arts, Kickboxing, Archery, Equestrianism, Jumping rope.
4. The typical usage refers to the following condition: Worn for consecutive 24-hour periods, heart-rate monitoring (data recorded every 10 minutes) and sleep monitoring are turned on, and SpO2 is measured twice a day. Every day, the screen turns on to display 50 messages, and the user raises the wrist 200 times to check the time. The user exercises 90 minutes every week. The heavy usage refers to the following condition: Worn for consecutive 24-hour periods, heart-rate monitoring (data recorded every 1 minute) and sleep monitoring are turned on, sleep breathing quality and all-day stress monitoring are enabled, and SpO2 is measured twice a day. Every day, the screen turns on to display 50 messages and is operated for 15 minutes, the user raises the wrist 100 times to check the time, and exercises 90 minutes every week. Note: For people with dark skin, the battery life will be further reduced with heavy usage. The battery life is affected by various factors, and the actual amount of time may be slightly different from the nominal value.
5. Four built-in watch faces. You can replace two of the built-in watch faces from a selection of 50+ online watch faces in the Zepp App.
6. Only the two built-in faces support customizable modular.
7. To monitor the REM cycle, the Sleep Assistant heart rate tracking mode must be enabled. During REM sleep, your eyes move quickly in different directions. Dreams typically happen during REM sleep. Only naps that exceed 20 minutes can be monitored.
8. This product is not a medical device. All the measurement data and results are provided for reference only and cannot be used to perform professional diagnosis or monitoring of any medical conditions.
9. The Personal Activity Intelligence is a personal physiological activity indicator. Based on heart rate data, daily activity intensity, and multidimensional dynamic comprehensive evaluation of personal physiological data, it's converted into an intuitive PAI value using an algorithm to help you understand your physical condition without relying on single data. According to the HUNT Fitness Study research results, keeping your PAI value above 100 reduces the risk of death by cardiovascular disease and increases life expectancy. HUNT Fitness Study: This study, a sub-project of the HUNT study, was led by Professor Ulrik Wisloff from the Medical School of Norwegian University of Science and Technology. To use this function, all-day heart rate monitoring must be enabled.

The product images and screen contents on the pages above are for the purpose of illustration only. The actual product (including but not limited to appearance, color, size) and screen display contents (including but not limited to background, UI, and pictures) may be slightly different, so the actual product shall prevail.
The data on the pages above are theoretical values. All data, unless otherwise specified, is provided by internal laboratories or suppliers, and is obtained under specific test conditions. Actual use may vary slightly due to individual product differences, software versions, use conditions, and environmental factors, so actual usage data shall prevail.
To provide the most accurate product information, specifications, and product characteristics, our company may adjust and revise the text descriptions, images, and other content on the pages above at any time to match actual product performance, specifications, indexes, parts and other information. Because of real-time changes in product batches and production and supply factors, we will not specifically notify you in the event of the modifications and necessary adjustments described above.

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