How to set Bluetooth calls in GTR 4?

Bluetooth calling
• Once this feature is enabled, pair the watch with your phone via Bluetooth and maintain the connection to receive calls on the watch.

• While the watch and your phone are connected via Bluetooth, you can also make Bluetooth calls on the watch through the Phone app.

Bluetooth calling setup methods:

Method one: Start the Zepp app, go to Profile > Amazfit GTR 4 > App Settings > Phone, enable Bluetooth calls, and pair the watch and your phone via Bluetooth as instructed.

Method two: On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth to pair the watch with your phone:

1. On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and enable the Bluetooth to make the phone discoverable. On the watch, go to the app list, tap Settings > Network & Connections > Bluetooth, and ensure the Bluetooth is enabled.

2. Find the watch in the search results for available devices on your phone, and tap to pair the devices. Incoming Call Alerts To enable this feature, open the Zepp app, and go to Profile > Amazfit GTR 4 > App Settings > Phone>Incoming call.

Once the feature is enabled, and while the watch and phone are connected, the watch will display a prompt when the phone receives a call, and you can ignore or hang up the call on the watch.

How to connect adidas Running with Amazfit GTR 4

You can now sync your workout data from your Amazfit device to adidas Running, via the Zepp App. To connect your Amazfit smart wearable to adidas Running, make sure your Zepp App is upgraded to at least version 7.1.0.

Workouts completed on your Amazfit device can be synced automatically to your connected adidas Running account, once they are first synced to your Zepp App account.

Please follow the steps below to complete the account link on the Zepp App.


iOS users:

    1) Download and log into the Zepp App

    2) Find "Add accounts" in the "Profile" tab

    3) Select adidas Running

    4) Click to log into your adidas Running account

How do I pair my Amazfit GTR 4?

1) Press and hold the upper button to turn on the watch. After it is turned on, a QR code will appear on the screen.
2) Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
3) Install and open the Zepp app on your phone. Then, create an account and log in.
4) Select the watch with the QR code for pairing.
5) Both the phone and the watch will receive a pairing message.
6) Tap to confirm pairing.

How to add the membership card to the GTR 4 watch?

1) Enter the membership card page, tap "Add" to go to the scan page, and align the QR code/barcode of your membership card with the scan box.
2) Or, you can take a screenshot or photo of your membership card barcode/QR code in advance and save it in Photos in your mobile phone. Tap "Photos" and select the saved membership card barcode/QR code photo.
3) After successful scanning, enter your membership card name and card number, select the preferred color of the card face, tap the "Save" button, and your membership card is added successfully.

Notes: Due to the limited storage in the watch, only a maximum of 20 membership cards can be added to the same account. We only support Code 128, Code 39, QR code, UPC A, EAN 13, and EAN

How to install apps in GTR 4?

You can download and install more apps in the app store.
1. Installing an app: Keep the watch connected to your phone. Open the Zepp app, go to Profile > Amazfit GTS 4 > App settings>More>Go to store>App store, select a target app to download and install it, or update an installed app to the latest version.

2. Uninstalling an app: Keep the watch connected to your phone. Open the Zepp app, go to Profile > Amazfit GTS 4 > App settings>More>Go to store>App store, tap the installed app to enter the app details page, and then tap the delete button to uninstall the app.

GTR 4 Watch Settings

Keep the watch connected to your phone, open the Zepp app, and go to Profile > More > Settings > Units, where you can set the units for distance, weight and temperature. During data synchronization, the watch automatically follows the settings in the app.
Time format 
Keep the watch connected to your phone. During data synchronization, the watch automatically follows the system time and time format of your phone, and displays the time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format. If you select the 12-hour or 24-hour format on the watch in Settings > Watch Face & Time, the time format of the watch will not change with the mobile phone once set. Date format The default date format displayed on the watch is "year/month/day". In Settings > Watch Face & Time, you can change the date format to "month/day/year" or "day/month/year".
WLAN settings 
You can select and join a wireless network in the watch under Settings > Wireless Network. To join a password-protected wireless network, open the Zepp app, select the required network on the watch while keeping the watch and the phone connected, join the wireless network, and enter the password in the pop-up field on the Zepp app.
Bluetooth settings
On your watch, go to Settings > Bluetooth, find your Bluetooth audio device, and tap Pair. 28 / 28 Note: If you cannot connect your watch to a paired Bluetooth device, cancel pairing and pair them again.
Setting a password
You can set the watch password in the watch under Settings > Preferences > Off-wrist Lock. When the system detects that you are not wearing the watch, it will automatically lock the watch with a password. You will need to enter the password before you can continue to use the watch.
Wearing direction 
In the watch, go to Settings > Preferences > Wearing Direction to change the orientation between the buttons and the watch face, so that you can wear the watch as you like

Key specefication of GTR 4 Smart Watch includes following features


Bluetooth Phone Calls
The Amazfit GTR 4 includes a microphone and speaker to let you answer calls on your watch when it's inconvenient to pick up your mobile phone. Connect the watch to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to ensure that you no longer miss important calls.


Music Storage & Playback
For a workout motivation boost only your favourite song can deliver, store music on the watch for playback through the built-in speaker or your Bluetooth headphones. Alternatively, use the watch to control the music on your phone via Bluetooth connection.


Online & Offline Voice Assistants
Online: Easily set an alarm, ask a question, and get a translation and more with Alexa. Offline: Engage a sports mode; open a health feature and more via voice command, even when you don't have an internet connection. Tell the watch to "Up Your Game", for a built-in surprise.


Powerful & Accurate Health Technology
The watch's new Bio Tracker™ 4.0 PPG biometric sensor is enhanced to 2LED, enabling collection of 33% more data than the previous generation, and with improved accuracy. This sensor, combined with the watch's upgraded heart rate tracking algorithm, results in heart rate tracking that almost reaches the level of heart rate belts.


Vintage Made Advanced
While inspired by the streamlined style and precision of modern sports cars, the Amazfit GTR 4 also keeps one eye on the rear-view mirror, honouring the classics with its vintage round watch body.


200+ Watch Faces
200+ Watch Faces with Matching Always-on Displays, including...30 Animated Watch Faces, Interactive Watch Faces Upload your own photos to the watch face.

Zepp OS 2.0 & Mini Apps
The powerful and easy-to-use Zepp OS has been upgraded. Along with super-smooth interactions and a smartwatch-tailored UI that's designed to consume less power, you can now choose from two app menu layouts, and two colour tones, and switch between styles at will.


Store Cards for Simplified Shopping
Always forgetting your store card? No problem. Easily add membership and club card codes from your favourite stores to the Amazfit GTR 4, via the Zepp App. Simply show the code on your watch display when it's time to scan, and carry on with your shopping trip. 

Note: Due to the device's storage limit, only a maximum of 20 membership cards can be added to the same account. Supported codes include Code 128, Code 39, and QR codes; support for UPC A, EAN 13, and EAN 8 will be added via OTA update.

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Launched in 2015, Amazfit is today embraced by millions of users. Its products are available in more than 90 countries across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

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