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How to setup Bluetooth Calling in Pop 2? (iOS/Android)

Bluetooth calling
• Once this feature is enabled, pair the watch with your phone via Bluetooth and maintain the connection to receive calls on the watch.

• While the watch and your phone are connected via Bluetooth, you can also make Bluetooth calls on the watch through the Phone app.

Bluetooth calling setup methods:

Method one: Start the Zepp Active app, go to Profile > Amazfit Pop 2 > App Settings > Phone, enable Bluetooth calls, and pair the watch and your phone via Bluetooth as instructed.

Method two: On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth to pair the watch with your phone:

1. On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and enable the Bluetooth to make the phone discoverable. On the watch, go to the app list, tap Settings > Network & Connections > Bluetooth, and ensure the Bluetooth is enabled.

2. Find the watch in the search results for available devices on your phone, and tap to pair the devices. Incoming Call Alerts To enable this feature, open the Zepp Active app, and go to Profile > Amazfit Pop 2 > App Settings > Phone>Incoming call.

Once the feature is enabled, and while the watch and phone are connected, the watch will display a prompt when the phone receives a call, and you can ignore or hang up the call on the watch.

How do I pair my Amazfit Pop 2 ?

1) Press and hold the upper button to turn on the watch. After it is turned on, a QR code will appear on the screen.
2) Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
3) Install and open the Zepp app on your phone. Then, create an account and log in.
4) Select the watch with the QR code for pairing.
5) Both the phone and the watch will receive a pairing message.
6) Tap to confirm pairing.
Common seaches around Amazfit pop 2 quiz:
Q.1 Which of the following features describe the new Amazfit POP 2 ?

Ans. 150+ Watch Faces , Ultra HD AMOLED Display, Bluetooth Music Playback Control

Q.2 What is the display size of Amazfit POP 2 ?

Ans. 1.78 inch

Q.3 Through Bluetooth connection to your phone, the new Amazfit POP 2 smartwatch can receive phone calls?


Q.4 The new Amazfit POP 2 can last up to ________ on a single charge of battery.

Ans. 10 days

Q.5 How many different kinds of sports modes can you track with the new Amazfit POP 2 ?

Ans. More than 100

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