What is the difference between GTS 4 Mini and GTS 2 Mini?
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What is the difference between GTS 4 Mini and GTS 2 Mini?


Amazfit GTS 4 Mini  has significantly advanced and upgraded features compared to GTS 2 Mini. The GTS 4 Mini  has many aspects, including Display, Advance Sensors, Watch OS, Battery, and Fitness Functions. Below is the short list of differences between GTS 4 Mini vs. GTS 2 mini :

1. Display: GTS 4 Mini  screen has been bumped up from 1.55 inches on the GTS 2 Mini to 1.65 inches. It is still an AMOLED panel with touch support and is covered with a piece of tempered glass with an anti-fingerprint coating.

2. OS: The new GTS 4 Mini smartwatch runs on the new Zepp OS; it was launched recently on the Amazfit GTR 3 and Amazfit GTS 3 series in 2021. Compared to Amazfit OS, which the GTS 2 Mini runs,

Zepp OS is lighter, more power efficient, and has support for more apps. Addons apps: Over 10 mini apps, including a hydration app, BMI app, SOS app, and a calculator app.

3. Advance Sensors: GTS 4 Mini  has an upgraded sensor for tracking health stats. The BioTracker 3 PPG sensor supports all-day heart rate tracking, all-day blood oxygen tracking, and all-day stress monitoring. In contrast, the BioTracker 2 PPG sensor on the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is only capable of 24-hour heart rate tracking. Blood oxygen level and stress level monitoring have to be measured on-demand.

- Both smartwatches are capable of menstrual health tracking and sleep tracking, but only the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini has support for measuring Sleep Breathing Quality at Night. Another major difference between the two wearables is the number of supported sports modes.

4. Sports Modes: Compared to the Amazfit GTS 2, Mini is capable of tracking 68 different sports; the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini supports a whopping 126 sports modes with automatic recognition for 7.

-GTS 4 mini also has a virtual pacer function that allows users to compete against their previous running results.


5. Big Battery: The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini packs a 270mAh battery which provides up to 15 days of use in typical usage mode, eight days of heavy use, and up to 45 days in battery saver mode. On the other hand, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini's 220mAh battery provides up to 14 days of typical use, seven days of heavy use, and 21 days in battery saver mode.

6. Advance GPS: The new watch has a 5-satellite GNSS chip, making it better at position tracking than the GTS 2 Mini, which only supports GPS.


7. Advance Bluetooth Connectivity: GTS 4 mini has Bluetooth 5.2, whereas the GTS 2 Mini has Bluetooth 5.0.

How to choose between GTS 4 mini vs. GTS 2 mini?

Based on the above 7 points, you can easily choose between GTS 4 mini and GTS 2 mini. If you are low on a budget, go for GTS 2 Mini @ 5999 INR, but if you need a stylish, advanced tech in your smartwatch, you can go for GTS 4 mini.

GTS 4 Mini Vs GTS 2 Mini



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